How to Use SNAP EBT on Amazon?

How to Use SNAP EBT on Amazon

Online shopping has become increasingly popular in today’s digital age. This benefit is extended to individuals and families receiving benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program. SNAP EBT recipients can now use their benefits to buy groceries and essential items on Amazon. This article will guide you through the process of using SNAP EBT on Amazon, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

What is SNAP EBT?

Before we get into the details, let’s know what SNAP EBT is. SNAP EBT is a program that provides eligible low-income individuals and families with a card to purchase food and groceries. Instead of using cash or traditional payment methods, SNAP EBT recipients can swipe their EBT card to pay for eligible items.

Eligibility for SNAP EBT

To use SNAP EBT at Amazon, you must be eligible for the program. Eligibility is determined by factors such as income, family size, and expenses. If you meet the criteria set by the SNAP program, you can apply for SNAP benefits through your local social services agency.

Setting up SNAP EBT on Amazon

To start using your SNAP EBT benefits at Amazon, follow these steps:

Step 1: Creating an Amazon Account

If you don’t have an Amazon account, go to the Amazon website and create one. Enter the required information including your name, email address and password. Be sure to choose a strong password to protect your account.

Step 2: Checking SNAP EBT Eligibility on Amazon

Before proceeding further, make sure that Amazon accepts SNAP EBT as a valid payment method in your state. Amazon has partnered with select states to offer SNAP EBT payments Go to the Amazon website and enter your EBT card number to check if your state is eligible.

Step 3: Adding SNAP EBT to your Amazon account

Once you’ve confirmed eligibility, sign in to your Amazon account. Navigate to the “Your Account” section and select “Manage your payment options”. Locate the “SNAP EBT” option and click on “Add EBT Card”. Follow the prompts to enter your EBT card information correctly.

Step 4: Shopping with SNAP EBT on Amazon

By adding your SNAP EBT to your Amazon account, you can now start shopping for eligible items. Browse through groceries, pantry staples, household essentials and more. Look for products labeled “SNAP EBT Eligible” to make sure they can be purchased using your benefits

Step 5: Checking out with SNAP EBT on Amazon

Once you have added all desired items to your cart, proceed to checkout. During the checkout process, you will be given the option to apply your SNAP EBT benefits to eligible items. Review your order summary and confirm that the SNAP EBT payment was deducted correctly. Complete the checkout process, and you’re done!

Register your SNAP EBT card on Amazon

Advantages of using SNAP EBT at Amazon

Using SNAP EBT at Amazon offers several benefits to SNAP recipients:

Convenience and Accessibility

By allowing SNAP EBT payments, Amazon makes it more convenient for recipients to access a wide variety of products from the comfort of their homes. It eliminates the need to travel to physical stores, saving time and effort.

Wide range of products

Amazon offers a wide selection of products including fresh produce, groceries, personal care items and more. SNAP EBT recipients can explore a vast inventory, ensuring they have access to a wide variety of options.

Discounts and Promotions

Amazon often offers discounts and promotions on eligible items, allowing SNAP EBT users to save money while shopping. Keep an eye out for special deals and offers that can extend your benefits even further.

Tracking Your SNAP EBT Spending

With Amazon’s user-friendly interface, tracking your SNAP EBT spending becomes easy. You can view your order history, monitor your budget and maintain better control over your benefits


Using SNAP EBT at Amazon opens up new possibilities for individuals and families receiving benefits. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can seamlessly set up your SNAP EBT on Amazon account and start shopping for essentials online. Take advantage of available benefits, accessibility and a wide range of products while ensuring your SNAP benefits are used effectively.


Can I use SNAP EBT on Amazon in all states?

Amazon has partnered with select states to accept SNAP EBT payments. To check if your state is eligible, enter your EBT card number on the Amazon website.

Are all products on Amazon eligible for SNAP EBT payments?

No, not all products are eligible for SNAP EBT payments. Look for items labeled “SNAP EBT eligible” to ensure they can be purchased using your benefits.

Can I use SNAP EBT to pay for Amazon Prime membership?

No, SNAP EBT benefits cannot be used to pay for Amazon Prime membership fees.

What happens if I return an item purchased with SNAP EBT on Amazon?

If you return an item purchased with SNAP EBT, the amount will be credited back to your SNAP EBT account.

Can I use SNAP EBT benefits for Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market orders?

Yes, SNAP EBT benefits can be used to pay for eligible items from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market.

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